Emission reduction in the cloud

The reduction of emissions across various industries became increasingly important over the last decades. Sustained research and development for new products in the automotive, heavy duty trucks/transportation, ships, power generation sectors, etc. was dictated by international policies and environmental legislation which have driven down exhaust gas emissions significantly.

This experiment involves the development of G-VOLUTION’s sustainable, low-carbon energy conversion technology for heavy-duty powertrains through application of CMCL innovations’ advanced engineering software simulation tool, SRM Engine Suite, which will be integrated with the HPC Cloud platform. The latter is a virtual engineering design tool for simulating the performance of fuels, combustion and emissions analysis in Internal Combustion (IC) engines and chemical reactors.

The software offers a novel probability density function (PDF) based approach while accounting for detailed chemical kinetics, turbulent mixing, heat losses and all the components (EGR pressure loops, boosting, etc.) prevalent in modern IC engines. One of the major goals of this experiment is to enable a multifuel technology for heavy duty commercial vehicles with 15% lower carbon footprint.



It’s usually the numerical treatment of the detailed chemical kinetics schemes for describing the fuel(s) oxidation and the ensuing emissions formation pathways that makes such multi-fuel IC engine calculations highly CPU-intensive. Hence, the availability of an HPC Cloud-based design solution will be ideal for vehicle/equipment manufacturers and facilitate the commercial uptake of these Cloud-based virtual engineering models which has been limited by the  availability of computational resources.

As a result of the experiment, customers will be able to:

– Develop low-carbon, low-emission, and high effi ciency industrial processes and automotive engines.

– Enjoy cost- and time-effective design and engineering process.

– Make use of accessibility, usability and scalability of the software solutions.


Manufacturing sector: Automotion, Motor engineering.


Involved entities: G-VOLUTION


Information source: cloudsme-project.eu



Automotion, Motor engineering.

Modelling & Simulation