Digital Solutions for Better Scales Factory.



Delmac Scales is a Greek weighing equipment manufacturer producing from basic retail scales to advanced industrial platforms and check weighers. Specifically advanced solutions consist of customized weighing equipment, that is produced attending to customer needs.

This customization is manual, with no technology system for production or inventory management. Due to the nature of the work, workers’ posture and fatigue should be improved.

Besides, there are no tools for prediction of market changes, and very limited human resources and production space, stopping any improvement in production efficiency. All the previous results in a very limited production focused on the Greek market, since the possibility for remote service support has neither being achieved so far.


The project aims at automating and optimizing advanced weighting equipment production and customers pre and after-sales support. The following innovations are foreseen.

Expected impact

The successful completition of the KTE will:

  • allow international sales and customer support travel-free, and thus, opening new markets in Europe.
  • provide business protection from unexpected risks, preventing potential losses from “disconnecting” with customers.
  • provide crucial time savings in order-to-cash processes.
  • allow to increase employee productivity plus cut down miscellaneous expenses.
  • elevate the brand’s recognition and loyalty in new international markets.
  • contribute to waste reduction.
  • allow to improve working conditions and workers’ productivity and loyalty.
  • contribute to increase units of output and profit for the company.



Information source: betterfactory.eu


Delmac Scales – Manufacturing company (Greece), Sara Alvarez Vinagre – Artist (Netherlands), NO Solutions Development d.o.o.- Technology supplier (Serbia)


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