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Data driven experiment for Energy saving and quality Assessment



The goal of the project is setting up a “plug-and-play” energy efficiency assessment system and product quality assessment system in the Sachim plant (Italy) on a specific production line.

In this experiment, a clear, precise and easy to understand information about energy consumption of the machines (related to the production parameters) has been provided. Thus, providing the information about the energy efficiency of the plant to final users and operators.


GIoE (Gateway for Internet of Everythings by TERA) was customized and used in the proposed experiment. IT application collected data by sensors that were installed in the production line and by software, or sensors already in used at the plant. For communication with MIDIH architecture the MQTT standard was utilized. Specifically, the information retrieved by the GIoE Gateway is sent to the backend via MQTT, thanks to FIWARE IOT Agent the MQTT messages are transformed in NGSI to be used in FIWARE Environment.

Orion Context Broker receives this messages and transfer messages to Wirecloud and Cygnus. Wirecloud receive update thanks to a proxy able to transform from the http connection of Orion to https NGSI source provider of Wirecloud. The Wirecloud interface shows the real time value of observed measures.

Architecture used in the system

Implementation time: 6 months.

Implementation cost:86,282 

Based on the acquired data, the algorithms integrated into the system are able to provide information on the energy efficiency assessment for each manufacturing step and for the whole production line and product quality assessment.
More than 90% of the machineries are now in the monitoring system provided by the MIDIH solution with more than two measures per machinery. Expected reduction of MWh per year from 5280 to 5030. For the next year the energy saving of 10% is expected for the two line. Average time of a work cycle per package is also reduced.
The experiment resulted in definition of general architecture of the DELTA system following a two-level structure based on the Data in Motion (Industrial IOT) and Data at Rest (Industrial Analytics). MQTT communication was deployed in the plant especially between GIoE Gateway and the MIDIH platform installed on a server in the SACHIM Data Center.

The solution could be potentially used by other MIDIH champions or factories to provide the energy efficiency analysis. Thus, speaking generally the result and the algorithms of this experimentation may be used in many plants/buildings or production lines.
The final goal of developed solution is to maximize process sustainability and thus, as a result, to achieve the energy efficiency with the minimum impact over a generic production settings (plug-and-play approach).

This experiment has been supported under the first open call of MIDIH project. (See experiments in project’s site)


Sachim (End user); Tera Srl (Tech Provider) ‘

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