Crafts, culture and creativity

Crafts, culture and creativity

Officina Keller – Napoli

Objective: Experiment with new ways to create work and revive ancient crafts through the vision of artists and designers. Being able to preserve the artisan tradition by activating a network in which artisans and creatives experiment the most innovative ways for the formation of a new workforce through social inclusion: the perfect fulfillment of the artist’s creative process and the sublimation of the production of the work.

Current situation and problem description: OKN in Italy is testing a new concept for business models and integration of crafting organisations as part of supporting small crafting organisations linked to supporting architecture, construction and urban regeneration environment. These organisations need to find ways to tackle these challenges, because the challenges are likely to persist and to increase in the future.

How the use case (demonstration scenario) will work: In addition to the mechanical part, the app / software will transmit the “soul” to the material on which it works, even the imprinting of the person who thought designed the work.

Expected outcome (Envisaged pilot execution or potential solution): Without the arms, the artist / design, not knowing the production techniques, was limited by the experience of the performer, interacting even in the construction phase will be able to experiment with new forms of expression.

Expected impact: This use case brings a community of makers, crafters and creative professionals that share the same innovative philosophy: to devise, create and implement creative projects with which to have a satisfying and full life, a life in which personal talent is the basis and the starting point to make any of our dreams or ideas come true.


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