CPS-based Worker assistance in manual assembly

The focus of the experiment is on a worker based assembly process and the variations of the products to be assembled. In order to support the worker we introduce CPS that indicate parts necessary for the current order. The Pick by X system, which is introduced, shall not only support the workers but also reduce the integration effort of support solutions for picking.

Main objectives of the Experiment

The objectives of the experiment are:

  • Reducing human mistakes in manual assembly processes
  • Minimize errors and consequently non value adding activities
  • Shortening ramp up phase of new employees
  • Reducing effort in providing appropriate working instructions

The KPI to be measured is the first pass yield meaning the rate of products produced without errors. The business impact of errors in the experimentation area have a strong link to the moment an error is detected. If an error is detected early in the production process, the costs will be low and vice versa. This means that at first errors should be eliminated at all. If this is not possible, a quality gate will help to detect errors early and give the worker an indication to do rework.

Main results expected to achieve in the Experiment

The main results to be achieved are:

  • Providing platform for vendors of manual work support software
  • Easy integration of new technology supporting workers on the shop floor
  • Reducing human caused errors in manual assembly processes
  • Earlier detection of errors
  • Reducing costs of errors happening in manual assembly processes





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