The aim of CPPS4ZDM experiment is to introduce CPS into the world of traditional machining workshop to solve a Zero-Defect Management requirement. The challenge of this experiment is to demonstrate that it is possible to manage data from legacy machine and shop floor operators with a smart combination of sensor and production data to solve these issues. 

Measuring critical parameters and features by CPPS (Cyber Physical Production Systems) allows to measure specific product or process variables appropriately and in real time, including operators and machines. 

Zero Defect Manufacturing challenge requires also a combination of statistical techniques, engineering knowledge and organizational aspects where ICT tools performs an important cohesion role in the factory team. In fact operators measure important characteristics of materials or theproduction process to determine if the process is still “under control”, which means that variation is no more than expected and allowed. 

In this experiment, supported under the second open call of BEinCPPS project, we have been working at JALSOSA facilities (Granada-SPAIN). The use-case involves the process of manufacturing soapy sponges with hypoallergenic and dermatologic gel for medical purposes and high quality standards in Health sector.