ComfortFeet in Safety Shoes

Base Protection is going to experiment the solutions for 3D scan and validation for the manufacturing of customised insoles, migrated to a cloud platform in the CloudSME project by Ingecon and Podoactiva, to create a new high quality line of personalized products, especially for people having feet with very peculiar features and also with pathological problems. This will be done through the design and manufacturing of tailored insoles, specially adapted to fit the specific foot condition and to a selected functional shoe model, the latter being required by the special working environment of the subject. This approach is envisaged to be particularly suitable for small and medium enterprises, for which the production and offering flexibility is one of the leverage for a major competitive advantage.

From a clinical and biomechanical point of view, the solution shall be the manufacturing of subject specific orthotic insoles, which would combine perfectly the very unique shape of each foot (even with distinction between left and right in case) and the shape of the standard insole of the safety shoe model assigned to the worker according to the specific working conditions (risk of falls, slipping, heavy loads, nails and dangerous floors etc.).
Validation of quality and effectiveness of clinical and biomechanical aspects will be mainly cared by the other new partner Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli (IOR).


Base Protection is an Italian manufacturer of Safety Shoes, specialised on reliable as comfortable and technologically advanced models.
Customization of products is envisaged as one of the key elements for the competition in this market; the implementation of customization could range from the technical performances to the integration of advanced functionalities and modification of product features oriented towards specific consumer needs and requirements, such as comfort, health, well-being and safety.

Technologies and applications for the supply of safety shoes including customised insoles will contribute to enhance Base Protection competitive strength, by providing at affordable price customized orthotic insoles for the customer, new design tools for the improvement of the personalization and the comfort of innovative products in footwear sector, and by increasing the level of service and quality of products addressed to their customers, raising  the customer-satisfaction and enlarging the market share.



Podoactiva jointly with Ingecon developed within CloudSME project a technology providing a  specific 3D scanning technologies and a design framework, accessible as a cloud service, enabling for personalized data acquisition and customized insole efficient manufacturing.

Base Protection supported by IOR will be the user of such framework for the vlaidation of personalised scannig profiles of consumers. Podoactiva will provide “on demand” Design and Manufacturing services for the supply of customised insoles for specifci models of safety shoes.


Manufacturing sectors:  

Footwear: Safety Shoes as Personal Protection Equipment


Involved entities: Base Protection, Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli,  Podoactiva and Ingecon



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Base Protection, Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli, Podoactiva and Ingecon

Footwear: Safety Shoes as Personal Protection Equipment

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