Cloud-migration shortens development cycles, optimises profit

Spanish SME Matrici, a manufacturer of very complex stamped sheet metal parts for the automobile and aerospace industry, was able to reduce its costs by about 1.5 Million Euro annually after moving to a Cloud-based variant of the CAM-software Stampack from Quantech. Stampack simulates the metal stamping process, so that the construction and production process can be designed to run as smoothly as possible. However, the software requires a lot of processing power which a small SME like Matrici has no cost-effective way of providing. After Quantech had ported its software for use in a Cloud-based environment, Matrici was able to complete its design processes in half the time formerly needed, cutting development costs by half. HPC provider CESGA and Fraunhofer SCAI supported the migration of Stampack to become StamHPC, and expect business to grow as a result. They project that 300 SMEs will become StamHPC users within the next five years, generating a revenue of roughly 60 Million Euro.




Matrici, CESGA, SCAI


Modelling & Simulation

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