Cloud-based simulation of structural crash tests

The company

The objective of the experiment is to showcase the use of cloud based HPC services to investigate the behavior of automotive part components involved in structural crash test simulation using a commercial software package. Actually, market requirement related to vehicle weight reduction and cost cutting are driving the industry to accelerate their innovation and to introduce new design and new material and manufacturing process. The challenge for supply chain usually SME’s, is to handle conflicting requirements and bring revolutionary changes to vehicles, while cutting the development costs and time drastically.

The software provider in this project is ESI-GROUP. The experiment will provide them with a version of their software that can be used in a cloud environment, together with an insight into how this could be exploited as a future business model. The experiment will address porting the commercial software and testing it on the Fortissimo cloud-based HPC infrastructure. ESI-GROUP and the Fortissimo Competence Centres will work together to produce the cloud-based version of the software that meets the needs of the end-user. An evaluation of the viability of this service on commercial HPC clouds will be carried out, and possible business models will be proposed.






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