Cloud-based simulation of pipeline components in the oil&gas industry

Dynaflow Research Group (DRG), the end user of this experiment, is an SME that provides engineering consulting services to global leading oil & gas companies. For its computational fluid dynamics (CFD) needs, in particular simulation of pipelines, DRG relies on the open-source based CFD package HELYX developed and distributed by ENGYS, the ISV partner of this experiment. With the help of NAG, the HPC partner, ENGYS is to develop a technical solution around HELYX (based on popular open-source CFD package OpenFOAM) to enable cloud-based simulations to facilitate access to HPC resources for companies such as DRG.

ENGYS will refactor HELYX to use a client-server model so that simulations on HPC platforms can be remotely steered by the end user via a friendly graphics user interface. NAG will support ENGYS by deploying OpenFOAM on an HPC platform (EPCC’s Indy) and establishing state-of-the-art technical solutions for tasks such as remote visualisation. Dynaflow will evaluate this service with two representative test cases.

This experiment will give Dynaflow a competitive edge by the capability to run large CFD simulations at scale from a simple desktop environment with improved efficiency and accuracy. The enhanced HELYX software offering pay-per-use access to HPC resources with remote visualisation is to help ENGYS gain new customers and increase its share in the CFD market, especially within the SME sector. With the acquired experience, NAG is to further enhance its expertise in HPC services.



Dynaflow Research Group BV, ENGYS UK Ltd., NAG Ltd., University of Edinburgh


Modelling & Simulation

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