Cloud-based simulation for the optimal installation of fire and gas detectors

Fire and Gas detectors are commonly installed in manufacturing and production facilities where there are hazardous processes to automatically alarm and trigger safety measures in response to hazardous events. Micropack, a UK-based SME, designs, manufactures and installs its own range of flame detectors and also offers technical safety services such as consulting on fire and gas safety design and gas dispersion. The objective of this case study is to improve the installation process by using advanced cloud-based CFD simulation and modelling techniques. The solution will provide a firm and repeatable base upon which complex reasoning for designing detector systems can be based. This will result in improved safety and will reduce detector installation and operating costs in a large number of industrial and manufacturing facilities that incur risks of gas releases, explosions and fire.



Micropack (UK), Gexcon AS

Other manufacturing

Modelling & Simulation

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