Cloud-based simulation for antenna design and radar-signature prediction

ENTARES Engineering is a French SME which develops and markets electromagnetic modelling software for antenna design and the calculation of radar signatures. In this Case Study, ENTARES will install and test its software on a Cloud-based-HPC system and verify its use across several test cases. The outcome of this Case Study will enable ENTARES to provide its customers with a service to perform more computationally intensive and accurate simulations via a pay-per-use “one-stop shop”.


Luntech is a French SME specialized in radar reflector and antenna based on Luneburg lens. To design a new product, Luntech currently uses mathematical models with limited accuracy. In order to improve the design by more accurate models, it becomes necessary to use electromagnetic simulation. However, given that new products are designed only a few times per year, it is not commercially viable to invest into the necessary commercial software and large in-house computer resources.

Nexio Simulation develops and markets the electromagnetic simulation software CAPITOLE-EM. Within this experiment, Nexio will port the software to Bull’s HPC platforms and implement an interface for remote end users. Luntech will evaluate the system in order to demonstrate the technical feasibility of the HPC cloud based electromagnetic simulation in the field of antenna and radar design as well as the cost effectiveness of the pay-per-use model.

Luntech expects a cut reduction by a factor of 6 by using the HPC cloud pay-per-use model, compared to the costs of licensing software and maintaining in-house compute resources. In the concrete situation, this will save more than 10000 € per year.

For Nexio, addressing users with only occasional needs has been difficult in the past. The pay-per-use HPC cloud model implemented during this experiment offer a new business model and growth path for Nexio.



Luntech , Nexio, Bull

Computer, electronic and optical products

High-Perfomance Computing

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