Cloud-based optimisation in the cutting of steel reinforcements

Schnell Software is a Spanish SME which develops and markets the Optimo simulation software which optimises the cutting of steel reinforcing bars used in construction. The optimal solution organises the production process and parameters to reduce the consumption of raw material to a minimum. Currently, Schnell’s software runs locally on desktop computers. Computing optimal cutting processes takes a long time, and there is a clear need for faster solutions. In this experiment, a new HPC-cloud based optimisation service will be developed, in order to speed up the time to solution. The service will be integrated into the web based interface to Schnell’s software and thus offer their clients access to software and HPC resources on a pay-per-use basis.

For the end users, this new offer will provide an easy, convenient and cost-effective way to quickly and optimally solve their steel bar related planning tasks, thereby minimising steel consumption and also reducing needed storage capacities. In addition, the fast solution offered by the HPC-cloud approach cuts down production lead times. For the ISV, the HPC-based service approach will reduce costs related to deployment and maintenance, as all this can be done centrally. The easy to access web-based interface will permit them to address new markets in the global building and civil engineering sectors. It will also help to demonstrate the superiority of their solution, while offering a competitive speed.



Schnell, Universidad de Zaragoza-BIFI, CESGA


High-Perfomance Computing

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