Cloud-based High Performance Modelling sets a new trend

Fortissimo Marketplace has garnered strong interest from manufacturing companies seeking to gain the benefits of supercomputing. Demonstrating this, Fortissimo has revealed details of three customers who have benefitted from its services; Matrici, a manufacturer of complex automobile and aerospace industry components, specialist chimney manufacturer DINAK and Oxolutia, a manufacturer of superconducting cables.

Fortissimo’s cloud-based platform simplifies access for small and medium sized enterprises (SME) to high performance computers. The Fortissimo approach of using Cloud-services cuts the cost and complexity of setting up High Performance Modelling and enables flexible, on-demand usage. On the ‘flipside’ of the marketplace, HPC service providers are benefitting from a well targeted sales channel where there is natural alignment with client requirements and fully integrated billing.

High Performance Computing systems (HPC) and the simulation and modelling software run on those systems are widely seen as an effective but very expensive design and development tool for manufacturers. However the initial cost for setup and operation can be quite high and intimidating to potential users, particularly SMEs. Fortissimo Marketplace offers a self-service approach to getting HPC simulations specified, set up and run, reducing costs significantly and permitting customers to choose the best combination of HPC providers, software manufacturers and technology experts.