Cloud-based environmental modelling

eAmbiente is an SME operating in the area of environmental modelling providing services to consultancies, large factories, architects and the designers of large industrial plants, characterised by significant environmental impact. While it is of increasing importance to forecast this impact for new large industrial sites or public infrastructure by environmental impact analyses (EIA), the available simulation tools are limited in their usefulness by the long computation time, which make evaluation of different scenarios impractical. Moreover, the typical EIA models include three stand-alone simulation tools: Atmosphere (Air) Emissions, Noise modelling and Risk to soil and groundwater. End users currently have no integrated tool to manage those components and have to acquire multiple licenses in addition to investing considerably into sufficiently powerful hardware.

The CLEEN experiment aims to overcome the limitations of existing environmental modelling by deploying and testing a new Cloud-based-HPC service as a pay-per-use one-stop shop targeting the environmental modelling domain for both public and private organisations. This will be achieved by setting up an HPC-based service integrating the three main components of EIA using open-source tools and offering a unified view to its users.

This service will be a powerful and cost-effective way for end-users to perform environmental impact analyses:

  • Service completion times will be reduced by up to 80%,
  • costs will be cut significantly by avoiding up-front capital investments (saving about 40000 € / yr in a representative case)
  • permitting to gain superior insight and optimisation options by exploring multiple scenarios



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