Cloud-based COTS Discrete Event Simulation

Description of the infrastructure

SIMUL8’s existing software runs on clouds to support certain corporate and free (high volume) mode of use (for example but has not previously been implemented for High Performance Computing purposes on anything other than small bespoke grids.  The planned implemented infrastructure for CloudSME will use a PGRADE / CloudBroker style of infrastructure for: (a) Initially any SIMUL8 model to optionally use the Cloud for much faster return of accurate results and then (b) Template based simulation to do similar.  The structure will be created generally so that any PGRADE equivalent and any CloudBroker equivalent can be used to manage workflow and serve cloud resources.

Detailed description of the demonstrator

The exact detail will be very dependent on the nature of the new “end users” who join the project as SMEs in Manufacturing and Engineering to make use of our templates, however, as an example, imagine a scenario of a manufacturer of bespoke pre-fabricated buildings:

This manufacturer has a varied order book and different shapes and sizes of building take different amounts of time and people resources to manufacture.

Each week the manufacturer needs to decide how much overtime to book for next week and the sequence in which they are going to build customers’ ordered buildings to keep within their available people resources (subject to completing buildings by promised due date when possible). This is a problem easy to “solve” with simulation but for a new (small company) user of simulation it would be a daunting process to build the simulation in their “spare” time while keeping up with their day-job, as is often the way new technologies have to enter small businesses.

This project will provide a web based “template” where the manufacturer’s list of orders (along with resource requirements and due dates) can be uploaded into a cloud based simulator. The simulator will run and return to the manufacturer a report showing the sequence in which to manufacture the buildings to minimize the required overtime.

This is only one example but it shows the character of why a template available on the web using cloud computing to run the simulations is much more likely to be used by an SME than a traditional desktop discrete event simulation tool.

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