Cloud-based correlation between simulation and tests for mechatronics

The SDI company is a twenty years old SME working in test engineering for automotive and aeronautical industries. Demonstration of new mode of use for simulation model sharing, correlation between simulation and real data would open new markets to develop.

The software provider in this project is Scilab Enterprises, the developer and publisher of Free Open Source software Scilab for numerical computation. The project opens new perspectives for a future version of the Scilab/Xcos that can be used in a cloud environment for industrial processes.

The objective of the experiment is to showcase the use of cloud based HPC services to investigate new mode of use for numerical simulation to find correlation between Scilab/Xcos models and real tests systems. The experiment is fixed around the brake function on the ground (See frames). It will also incorporate the functionality related to simulation as well as the functions of automatic identification of transfer functions.

The main aim is to develop through this, interactions and sharing between different actors (manufacturers, suppliers, designers means test) models based on the SCILAB numerical simulation software, namely:

  • Input models
  • Output models
  • Internal models
  • Transfer function models

The project will address porting the Scilab software and testing it on the Fortissimo cloud-based HPC infrastructure. Scilab Enterprises and the Fortissimo Competence Centres will work together to produce the cloud-based version of the software that meets the needs of the end-user. An evaluation of the viability of this service on commercial HPC clouds will be carried out, and possible business models will be proposed.






Modelling & Simulation