Cloud-based Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation

Koenigsegg is a SME whose core business is the development and production of high-performance, high-quality, limited- edition motor vehicles. Koenigsegg is able to produce some of the world’s fastest cars by adopting a product development strategy driven by lean optimised work procedures and the use of the best hardware and software on the market. Koenigsegg are currently expanding their R&D and production.

Koenigsegg, ICON, CINECA and NTUA collaborate on completion of Experiment 417 for WP4. The experiments are focused in the use of accurate but very computer intensive transient detached eddy simulation solvers for Drag and Lift prediction of supercars. After the start of collaboration a question has emerged after the initial results. At 435Km/h compressible effects in aerodynamics are not clear to be negligible. In order to assure the later and produce not only high performance but safe cars, Koenigsegg wants to use all the technology available. If massive incompressible aerodynamic applications are difficult to afford to a successful company like Koenigsegg, compressible applications are at least an order of magnitude higher to afford in terms of computational resources and data processing.

The idea of these new series of experiments would provide Konigsegg the answers which needed in order to develop better, safer and more innovative products using massive HPC resources in a discrete and efficient way and giving proof to the Partners involved that the business model works and other SME’s can follow after dissemination.






Modelling & Simulation