Business Process Modelling with SimBusPro

In this experimental setup, the business processes of two manufacturing firms are to be modelled and simulated in order to propose improvements via the use of a decision support tool, SimBusPro which has been developed by SIMSOFT. The business process management tool is based on BPMN 2.0 (business process model and notation, version 2.0) running on the Cloud. BPMN is a modelling notation in which businesses and other such institutions are endowed with a common and universal platform through which their internal business procedures can be represented in a graphical notation.

SimBusPro’s additional features include its ability to generate easy-to-understand yet meaningful simulation reports about modelled business processes, and its ability to generate multiple alternative reports based on different scenarios, which enables the program to achieve its goal of accomplishing simulation-based optimization.


As a result of their participation in the CloudSME project, both Gokdogan and Ozdekan Rubber, will benefit from the fact that their workflows and business processes will have been improved as a result of the simulation-based optimisation that will be carried out using SimBusPro whereas SIMSOFT will find an opportunity to test its software on the two manufacturing systems.


Manufacturing sector: The industrial sectors of the demonstrators are the following:

-A wide array of rubber products ranging from lead rubber bearings for seismic isolation to earth-moving machinery spare parts.

– A plethora of industrial shelving systems


Involved entities: SIMSOFT Computer Technologies, Gokdogan Selving and Equipment Systems, Ozdekhan Rubber Industry.



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SIMSOFT Computer Technologies, Gokdogan Selving and Equipment Systems, Ozdekhan Rubber Industry

Plethora of industrial shelving systems

Modelling & Simulation