BFly ® by 2MoRO

BFly ® by 2MoRO Solutions


BFly® is a service platform built on a generic database (structuring and recording information), a catalogue of web services available off-the-shelf (set of individual functionalities using the data), and a customisation framework of the interactions between users, services and processes.


One of the services of BFly® offers simulation environment that structures heterogeneous data to optimise maintenance planning and generate alerts. Three steps can be followed: (1) streamlining data in order to combine them, (2) organising these data for easy analysis and (3) extracting the useful knowledge in the form of aircraft actual usage behaviour vs. theoretical one.

Hence with this service of BFly®, worthwhile information is extracted by merging aircraft design and in-service data in a chronological connection to get out fashion trades and explicit their impacts on wear resistance and maintenance applications. In-service data includes flights, environmental conditions, configurations parameters and maintenance task applications. Historical data are classified with regards to the hierarchical Aircraft
Maintenance Manual structure. A specific wear model is built for each component of this structure.


These models serve to predict future aircraft failure with regards to several constraints such as environmental parameters, configuration and operators’ constraints.


These predictions can be correlated to analyse impacts of failures on aircraft systems and subsystems availability. Therefore, while impacts are not critical, aircraft systems and subsystems can be used even if they are not 100% operational. Thus, these predictions help increasing aircraft availabilities. Considering data volume and data heterogeneity, BFly® can be optimized. That is the reason why having simulation software running on a cloud platform could be a way improving data processing time and storage capacity.



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