BEinCPPS Portable Testing Unit to perform Statistical Quality Check on Microwave Ovens and Refrigerators

Description of the Experiment

This BEinCPPS experiment, which will be implemented in Whirlpool EMEA,  is dedicated to the White Good industry and is focused on the CPS-ization of  Statistical Quality Check.
The current practice relies on dedicated building and fixed, bulky equipment, which limit the typologies and the depth of tests. In the new state quality managers and operators will rely on a portable, flexible and smart Testing Unit, which will enable the easy adaptation of the statistical quality check to the great variety of customer requirements. A specific production batch of any produced models will be tested using a digital testing protocol.  The quality operator will move the portable lab where the product is located, the operator will be guided through test steps using a mobile device. More Testing Units running in parallel will share data and communicate to each other variations in testing programs or parameters without the intervention of the operator.

Main objectives of the Experiment

  1. To enhance the flexibility of product testing procedures and optimize the productivity of the Statistical Quality Check department
  2. To improve the testing system’s capability of revealing potential product failures and, as consequence, reduce the probability of sending defective products to the market
  3. To reduce the cost and time to install or scale up the testing capacity of a factory

Main results expected to achieve in the Experiment

The BEinCPPS experiment will demonstrate how the Portable Testing Unit enables a Quality department to easily adopt a more economic, flexible and programmable system to replace a more traditional and rigid approach, achieving a more accurate testing procedure at the same time.




Computer, electronic and optical products