BEAUTY, Process Supervision @ TETRA

Automate a fully manual production process, demonstrating that with equipment worth 80k euro we are able to perform 400k euro worth task.



The BEAUTY project addresses the sector of custom-design, lot-size one metal components made out of bent pipes. Those components are important in manufacturing of steel yacht or stairs railings, aluminium frames for kitesurfing. Currently, they are mostly manufacture using manually operated equipment, which often suffers from the repeatability and quality issues.


– An industrial robot is controlled via the Hybrid Task Supervisor and utilizes the intuitive programming tools offered by HORSE for efficient and error-proof operating or previously manually operated machines.

– RFID identification is introduced for easy process management and product traceability and integrated with the HORSE framework.

– Global Awareness System is used for constant monitoring of workspace production cycle deviations.

– The highest possible safety standards thanks to introducing laser scanners and light curtains directly connected to the robot and the machines, but also to the MPMS to handle the occurring exceptions.

Design if the flexible cell

Implementation time: 9 months

Implementation cost: €200,000


– Fully automated production process
– Introduce state of art automation tools at a low cost thanks to incorporation of existing equipment
– Decrease material loss caused by incorrect processing


This experiment is ongoing. Results indicate the solution can be applied to a wide range of different use cases requiring the integration of legacy equipment and existing tools in a complete smart industrial platform, enabling their control and monitoring, keeping a very low cost.

This experiment has been supported by Horse project. (See this experiment in project’s site)


TETRA Industriservice Group (End-user); CMBIT (Tech Provider) ‘