Analysis of big data in a crankshaft machining centre

Etxe-Tar is a Spanish SME. Its core business is the development of turnkey solutions for high-productivity machining installations for clients mainly from the automotive industry including Ford, Renault, Opel-GM, Volkswagen, Audi, PSA, Daimler and Chrysler. In current shop floor scenarios all the data generated by actuators and sensors is not fully utilised. However, new manufacturing concepts call for integrated systems at the level of sensors and actuators that can process such data in realtime, thus impacting quality and manufacturability throughout the value chain. To perform this data processing Cloud-based HPC is required. The objective of this case study is to undertake the the processing of data from a high-productivity crankshaft machining centre combining the acquisition of data from a range of sensors and to develop appropriate algorithmic solutions to analyse, model and simulate interconnected phenomena.


Etxe-Tar (SP), Automotive Companies


High-Perfomance Computing

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