International Advanced Research Workshop on HPC

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International Advanced Research Workshop on HPC

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Sustained progress in computational hardware and software technologies, ranging from hybrid CPU/GPU systems, multicore and distributed architectures, increased density, and virtualization, to relatively new paradigms such as cloud computing, have brought the tools and techniques of High Performance Computing (HPC) into broad acceptance in wide areas of research and industry. At the same time, the extremely fast pace of the field introduces new challenges in technological, intellectual, and even political areas which must be addressed to continue to enable wider acceptance, implementation, and ultimately societal impact of high performance computing technologies, applications, and paradigms.

The main aim of this workshop is to present and debate advanced topics, open questions, current and future developments, and challenging applications related to advanced high-performance distributed computing and data systems, encompassing implementations ranging from traditional clusters to warehouse-scale data centers, and with architectures including hybrid, multicore, distributed, and cloud models.

Emerging computing paradigms and concepts such as “big data,” along with the drive toward exascale computing, introduce new opportunities but also technical challenges in resilience and fault tolerance, fully harnessing multi-core/many-core and hybrid systems, balancing I/O, and indeed the entire application programming and runtime environment including middleware, tools, libraries, and applications. Simply scaling today’s technologies to exascale is infeasible from the standpoint of power demand, thus there are engineering challenges related to power efficiency that suggest the need to look beyond traditional silicon-based building blocks to consider entirely new substrates such as quantum, biological, or carbon-nanotube designs.


Ciudad: Cetraro
País: Italy
Project: Fortissimo


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2016-06-26 @ 10:00 PM to
2016-06-30 @ 10:00 PM



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