I4MS Opportunities for DIHs and SMEs

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I4MS Opportunities for DIHs and SMEs

I4MS Opportunities for DIHs and SMEs

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Digital transformation is a priority for all European stakeholders, especially SMEs. The COVID-19 pandemic has only highlighted the need for automation and digitalisation of various aspects within the manufacturing businesses to gain resilience. The deployment of digital technologies, and the necessary digital skills for all the EU workforce as well as key digital infrastructures, require from public and private investment. 

SMEs need to be supported to succeed in the digital transformation journey, therefore the I4MS mechanisms to support manufacturing SMEs enabling them to take full advantages of digitalisation. Participants will not only get to know the policy suggestions but find out real life examples of successful digital transformation of some of the Europe’s most innovative SMEs. 

DIHs and EDIHs can play an important role here as facilitators, disseminators and users of these solutions; helping SMEs to select the appropriate tools or services for their digital transformation needs.

The session will offer information about the opporutunities for DIHs to connect with the ecosystem, use the exiting tools and methodologies and improve the knowledge about I4MS open calls to support companies in new innovation-experiments

Connection details:

Agenda of the event:

  • Welcome by Polish Platform of Industry 4.0 – 10 min
  • I4MS presentation and opportunities for DIHs – Mayte Carracedo – FundingBox – 10 min
  • I4MS contribution to the upskilling challenges of the manufacturing industry – Marta Portales- Foundation Mobile World Capital Barcelona -5 min
  • Overview of I4MS Cascade Funding Calls – moderated by Maria Roca – FundingBox – 45 min
    • Change2Twin Expression of intertest for DIHs, Nuno Manarte – FundingBox- 5 min
    • PULSATE Open Call, Izabella Zrasinksa – FundingBox- 10 min
    • DIGITBrain Open Call, Andrea Hanniger – CloudSME- 10 min
    • DIH-World Open Call, Marie Boudron – CARSA- 10 min
  • Conclusion and closure of the session by Polish Platform of Industry 4.0 – 5 min


Date And Time

2022-04-08 @ 11:00 AM to
2022-04-08 @ 12:00 PM


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