Disruptors Awards

The I4MS Disruptors Awards honour the most innovative Application Experiments in additive manufacturing, CPS and IoT, robotics and HPC. Two Disruptors Awards calls have been launched to date (2018 and 2019).

The awarded initiatives are granted with the widest visibility on the I4MS website and community as well as offline visibility, namely through the participation in world-class Events where they are put in contact with other partners, stakeholders, founders and investors.

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Elaphe is a Slovenian company which uses innovative and disruptive technologies with the aim of increasing efficiency, promoting sustainable use of energy and minimizing energy-dependency on fossil fuels. They took part in the experiment called “HPC-Cloud-based simulation of coupled electromagnetic and structural-acoustics in in-wheel electric motors”, which was supported by Fortissimo 2.



The prize recognised COMPASS’s outstanding innovation in the field of simulation software for ship design. Together with the Spanish Digital Innovation Hub CESGA, and other partners within the I4MS EU-funded project Fortissimo 2, the SME improved the design of vessels’ ability to withstand rough conditions at sea. Compass reduced by factor of 45 the computational time needed for assess seakeeping of vessels, making supercomputing solutions more affordable and accessible to other companies.



A Bulgarian manufacturing company, Europack Bulgaria M EOOD, a Dutch artist, Isaac Monte B.V., and a Romanian technology supplier, Oviso Robotics SRL, are the team behind FOLD, the Better Factory Knowledge Transfer Experiment (KTE) that creates stone paper innovative products with modular cobots, winner of the I4MS Disruptors Awards 2022.