Competence Centre & Digital Innovation Hubs Observatory

Competence Centre & Digital Innovation Hubs Observatory

The I4MS observatory helps participants and other stakeholders understand which are the participating competence centres (CC) and digital innovation hubs (DIH) and their roles within I4MS activities.

Definition of Competence Centres

In the framework of I4MS initiative, Competence Centres are any organisation (university institutes, research technology or private organisations) offering technological infrastructure and accompanying skills and competences to support the scale-up and valorization of an I4MS technology. The centres have an (semi)-open approach (multiple client) and offer technical infrastructure and expertise to translate the I4MS research/technologies into opportunities for business.

The I4MS initiative embeds a large number of Competence Centres that provide high end technological solutions or infrastructure to SMEs within the I4MS projects.

Definition of Digital Innovation Hubs

The Digital Innovation Hubs are organisations or consortia of organisations that maintain, expand and create the (regional) ecosystem on I4MS related activities. This includes networking, matchmaking, brokerage and dissemination activities. They include one or more (transnational) Competences Centres and also offer innovation services to activate, support and stimulate the valorisation of I4MS technologies (e.g., awareness creation, dissemination of information, network development, incubator activities) by SMEs.