European Robotics Challenges

EuRoC aims to launch and run three industrially relevant challenges. There will be three-stage challenges in manufacturing, logistics, and servicing all of them involving the whole supply chain and fostering the tight collaboration between R&D, system integrators and end-user communities. EuRoC will also be focused on defining a common framework to empower robotics platforms and related benchmark infrastructures towards the development of new products and services, and developing sustainable solutions (with respect to methodologies + tools) to be benchmarked and customised to different end users, so as to enable future manufacturing and carry out further comparative challenges


In order to face the challenges of the project, we will develop the following validation experiment

  • Three stages of increasing complexity:
    • Simulation
    • Realistic benchmark environment
    • End-user site
  • Empowering robotics platforms and benchmark infrastructures to be developed by core consortium and provided to challengers:
    • robot hardware and software with open interfaces (low-level)
    • system architecture frameworks and skills (high-level)
    • software engineering tools (programming, simulation)
    • models (components, hardware) for simulation and algorithms
    • technical support, maintenance
    • scientific guidance
    • reach-out and technology transfer
  • Sustainability and adaptability
    • Design challenges with increasing levels of complexity
    • Define clear benchmarking criteria and evaluation processes
    • Test and validate developed solutions continuously in realistic environments (benchmark arenas)
    • Integrate and evaluate methods, components, and tools for adaptable industrial robot solutions and service robots in industry, from simulation to implementation at real end users
    • Attract new end users toward customisable robot solutions
    • Develop sustainable methodologies and tools to carry out further comparative challenges
    • Updates to robotics and manufacturing roadmaps with findings from the challenge implementation