Open Calls

Call for Proposals for HPC-Cloud Application Experiments

Identifier: Fortissimo 2 Call-1
Call title: First call for new Fortissimo 2 application experiments
Project full name: Factories of the Future Resources, Technology, Infrastructure and Services for Simulation and Modelling 2
Grant agreement number: 680481
Publication Date: 18th February 2016
Deadline: 18th May 2016, at 17:00 Brussels local time
Expected duration of participation: no longer than 18 months, with expected commencement 1st November, 2016
Indicative budget for Call-1: The indicative funding budget for Third Parties is € 1.31 M.
Maximum funding request per proposal: € 250,000 (covering all participants, i.e. both 3rd Parties and existing Fortissimo 2 beneficiaries). Funding limits for both Third Parties and existing beneficiaries apply and are described below.
Submission language: English
Internet address for full open call information:
Proposal submission:

Further Information

1. Submission Details

Electronic submission: Proposal submission is exclusively in electronic form using the proposal submission tool accessible via the Fortissimo web-site:

The central component of proposal submission is the uploading of a PDF-document (whose size must not exceed 5.0 MB) compliant with the instructions on proposal structure given below.

Proposal format and structure: Proposals must be submitted in English. The main section of the proposal must not exceed 10 pages in length (with text no smaller than 11 point Arial font). Thus, with the inclusion of the cover page and administrative pages (discussed below), the maximum page count is 13 pages. Proposals will be truncated to this page count and the independent expert evaluators will only be provided with the truncated version.

The structure of the proposal (and indicative length per section) should be as follows:

  1. Summary (0.5 pages)
  2. Industrial relevance, potential impact and exploitation plans (3.5 pages)
  3. Description of the work plan and concept (3 pages)
  4. Quality of the consortium as a whole and of the individual proposers (2 pages)
  5. Justification of costs and resources (1 page)


As indicated above, the overall length of the above 5 sections must not exceed 10 pages.

A management structure will be imposed on the successful proposals. That is, the proposal will not need to contain a description of how the resultant project would be managed.

In addition to the 10-page proposal description, a cover page and 2 pages of administrative data, including a tabular list of proposal participants, must be provided. The participant list should include for each participant, when available, the Participant Identification Code (PIC) issued by the European Commission.

A proposal exemplar can be found at

It is strongly recommended that this exemplar be followed and in particular that the proposal budget be provided using the embedded spread-sheet.

The proposal exemplar document includes, in particular, instructions on budgeting for the use of computing resources.


2. Indicative budget for Call-2:

Fortissimo 2 will make use of the new Third Party method[1] to enable the inclusion of new experiment partners. The indicative funding budget for Third Parties for Fortissimo 2 Call-1 is € 1.31 M.

The funding of Third Parties must follow the same principles as used for existing project beneficiaries of Fortissimo 2, which receives European Commission funding as an “Innovation Action”. Thus, Third Parties will receive 70% funding of eligible costs arising (except for non-profit organisations which receive 100% funding).

The funding for an individual experiment may not exceed € 250 K. Proposers should consider their actual needs and not target this figure. The evaluation will take into account the appropriateness of the requested resources.

The maximum funding that can be allocated to any Third Party, across all experiments in which that Third Party is involved (arising from both Fortissimo 2 open calls), is € 150 K. The participation of existing Fortissimo 2 beneficiaries across all experiments selected in Fortissimo 2 Call-1 may not exceed 25% of the total funding assigned to Fortissimo 2 Call-1.
Erroneous budget data included in accepted proposals will not result in final, corrected budgets that exceed the upper requested limit for funding of the experiment as a whole or of individual participants: Fortissimo 2 reserves the right to make the appropriate and necessary effort and budget cuts.

3. Evaluation Criteria

The Fortissimo 2 Call-1 targets the augmentation of the existing set of application experiments, which is to be understood to mean the experiments which are being executed as part of the initial tranche of experiments in Fortissimo 2, as well as the application experiments of the original Fortissimo project.

The new application experiments should provide business relevant investigations and demonstrations of high-performance data analytics or of modelling and simulation of coupled phenomena in the Fortissimo HPC Cloud that deliver business benefits for manufacturing and engineering SMEs and mid-caps. Priority will be given to proposals for experiments which:

  • are driven by the requirements of first-time HPC users and, by implication, organisations engaging in Fortissimo for the first time;
  • complement the activities already included within Fortissimo.

In this context, complementarity is understood to mean activities that address new applications, business cases, industrial sectors and market segments and the enhancement of the project’s ability to demonstrate the impact of the Fortissimo approach for a broad set of industrial users. Extensions of existing experiments are thus not considered to be complementary.

Fortissimo 2 experiments should also consider how they can develop services, deployed in the Fortissimo marketplace, which can subsequently be used by other end-users.

Proposed experiments should include all participants necessary for the experiment, which may include HPC and Big Data experts, HPC Centres or ISVs either already included within or external to the Fortissimo 2 consortium. Experiments will employ the Fortissimo HPC infrastructure using the HPC Centres already involved in the project Information about and contact details of existing Fortissimo 2 partners are available on the Fortissimo web-site.

Innovation in the experiments shall be addressed at all levels of the value chain:

(1) End-users get "one-stop-shop" access to simulation technologies novel to them involving coupling of codes on an HPC-system or analysis of complex data, for example for using the benefits of real-time response in the HPC and Big Data cloud.

(2) Independent software vendors provide access to their software either in the HPC enabled modelling and simulation domain or in the Big Data analytics domain and ensure the full and effective use of the available resources.

(3) Domain and software experts deliver the innovative ICT solution to the end-user while making sure that the HPC and Big Data Cloud resources provided by the Fortissimo Marketplace are used effectively

(4) Resource providers arrange efficient, secure and adequately private access to well-managed HPC or Big Data analytics resources.

The criteria for evaluation will comprise:

  1. Impact including industrial relevance and exploitation plans;
  2. Soundness of concept, innovation and quality of the work plan;
  3. Quality of the consortium as a whole and of the individual proposers
  4. Effective and justified deployment of resources

Each criterion will carry a score ranging from 0 to 5. A threshold score of 3 will apply to the first three criteria. The first criterion will have a weight of 2, the other criteria a weight of 1.

Adherence to the proposal format and structure described previously – and notably to the prescribed page limit – will allow the independent external evaluators to evaluate the proposal against all of the above-mentioned evaluation criteria.

[1] Integration of new Third Parties will be conform with the Horizon 2010 grant agreements, for further information see the annotated model grant agreement. subject to the specific terms of the call which funded Fortissimo 2, available at: