Open Calls

CloudFlow: First Open Call

Computational Cloud Services and Workflows for Agile Engineering is a European Integrating Project (IP) in the framework of Factories of the Future (FoF) that aims at making Cloud infrastructures a practical solution for manufacturing industries, esp. small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). The objective of CloudFlow is to ease the access to computationally demanding virtual product development and simulation tools, such as CAD, CAM, CAE, and make their use more affordable by providing them as engineering Cloud services.

CloudFlow is a project which is open for new (teams of) participants. Small consortia consisting of 1 to 4 partners (end users, software providers, HPC/Cloud infrastructure providers and research organizations) have the opportunity to propose use cases involving manufacturing industries to be run in the framework of CloudFlow. Seven Application Experiments are planned to be funded in the 1st call.

Application Experiments: We are looking for innovative use cases with a high potential to benefit from Cloud technology for easier and more affordable access to complex computational engineering services and workflows. We especially welcome use cases addressing stages in the virtual product development of mechatronic systems, such as design, simulation, optimization, visualization, and covering workflows along the value chain in and across companies. The use cases have to be driven by an end user, a manufacturing SME.

Why participate?

Proposers will have the opportunity…

  • to investigate and gather experience on Cloud Computing options for their use case,
  • to explore technical benefits, e.g. better  product verification by more accurate simulation results using HPC-Cloud resources and
  • to examine Cloud-based business options and their impact.

What does CloudFlow offer?

  • Vendor - independent Cloud infrastructure already containing computational engineering services for CAD and CAM, CFD, PLM and systems simulation provided by partners (Missler, Numeca, Jotne and ITI), incl. a tailored HPC-Cloud infrastructure (Arctur) with a contractual environment protecting IPR (CloudFlow Competence Center).
  • Methodology to describe and execute services and workflows in a Cloud environment  and independent evaluation of experiments against your requirements.
  • Existing experience from current experiments including consultancy on business models and participation in the I4MS ecosystem (

Closing date: 30.9.2014
Duration of experiment: 1 year (1. Jan. to 31. Dec. 2015)
Foreseen budget for CloudFlow-1: up to 770.000 € funding for new beneficiaries. This amount of funding is planned to be spent on seven experiments. The maximum funding for new beneficiaries per experiment is expected to be: 110.000 €.