Great success of the first Open Call of CloudFlow

The first Open Call of CloudFlow is rated a real success! 36 proposals have been submitted during the Open Call. From January on up to 7 new experiments will join the project. Out of the 88 different entities, 50 of them report prior experience within EC projects – conversely this means that 38 entities (more than 43%) are new to EC projects. The 36 proposals comprise 88 potentially new partners that are not yet part of CloudFlow (for a more detailed analysis see below). Those 88 potentially new partners are coming from 17 different European countries.

The following countries are represented in the proposal submissions:


A 70 percent rate of SMEs we consider as a big success in addressing small and medium sized enterprises and mainly impacting their businesses. The proposals can be generally distinguished into those addressing product design optimization and those that aim at manufacturing (business) process optimization. Since I4MS is especially addressing SMEs, it is interesting to look into the SME rate amongst the proposers. The following list shows the kind of proposers in terms of being SME (either end user or ISV or HPC provider), industry or RTD partner:

  • SME: 66
  • Industry: 14
  • RTD: 14