LASHARE new LEAs launched (PU)

LASHARE successfully entered into its second phase of operation. Fourteen laser-based equipment assessments (LEAs) were conducted within the first phase. Equipment that was demonstrated at lab scale has been advanced in technology readiness level by executing a four stage assessment. An overview about the activities has also been fed to a LASHARE youtube channel showcasing the manufacturing challenges that were addressed.

The laser-based equipment assessments start with an initialisation phase, where an industrial user defines the actual manufacturing challenges and objectives, where the solution supplier plans an implementation roadmap while the research partner assesses scientific challenges and moderates the establishment of technology readiness criteria. These technology readiness criteria are the key factors that guide the assessment through its assessment cycle.

Since the end of 2016 and early start of 2017, fourteen new LEAs started out to execute the assessment cycle for their benefit. The new laser-based equipment assessments (LEAs) focus on the integration of ICT solutions into the proposed pieces of equipment and to connect to external data processing systems in the context of manufacturing environments. Their specific topics range from automated three dimensional path planning in laser cutting through equipment integrated process sensors and control to the integration of entire production chains that are built around complex laser-based manufacturing processes like laser cladding for part repair. News about LEA details can be found at