ReconCell mentors visit University of Göttingen

On February 2, 2017, two professors from Tallinn visited the University of Göttingen, Department for Computational Neuroscience, Institute Physik-III, Biophysik: Prof. Tauno Otto, Professor in Production Engineering (TTÜ), Program Director of Integrated Engineering and Prof Jüri Riives, Professor of Production Systems (TTÜ), Head of Competence Centre IMECC.

The visit was associated to the Digital Innovation Hub program. A mini-workshop was organized, where the work of Göttingen partners was presented (talks were given by Prof. F. Wörgötter, Junior Group Leaders C. Tetzlaff and T. Ivanovska), and also the guests gave presentations about their work. The workshop was followed by demonstrations at the robot lab at the Department for Computational Neuroscience.

The meeting was evaluated as useful and productive for both, host and guest. The guests were interested in research activities of the Göttingen group, especially the span of activities from deep theoretical research up to applied activities. The guests from Tallinn gave very interesting presentation about their work as well as an overview over the strong networks in the field of robotics existing in Estonia. Talks concerning possible future cooperation and shared projects have taken place. The meeting was followed by a visit of Prof. Wörgötter to the Tallinn Technical University in late February.