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EuRoC Open Call - Deadline 15th of November

The European Robotics Challenges (EuRoC) initiative is organized and supervised by the leading robotic companies and research institutions in Europe. EuRoC aims at bringing new innovative solutions to the European robotics industry to attain and keep global leadership in robotics products and services. Click here to get more information.

LASHARE workshop at the tenth AIMEN Laser Week

LASHARE brought together laser people from the tenth AIMEN Laser Week and its own 38 partners. In the workshop on the 25th of September, experts from industrial sectors and innovative SME's discussed issues on automation and standardisation that are related to laser-based equipment. LASHARE aims to accelerate the increase in technology readiness by an approach which is called Laser-based Equipment Assessment (LEA). Within this approach, topics like laser safety, automation and standardisation play an interconnecting role. LASHARE with its six renown research institutes and 14 LEA's provides a sound and open basis for an initiative to launch new standards and to answer questions on standardisation and automation.

Fortissimo Forum, October 15th in Milan

Fortissimo will organize its first Fortissimo Forum October 15th in Milan, Italy. The Fortissimo Forum will bring together ISVs, Service Providers, SMEs and technical experts around the topic of HPC applications in the cloud. Specific topics will be application deployment and licensing solutions for the cloud. Several ISVs have confirmed to present their solutions and strategies; solution providers from I4MS projects will talk about their services and solutions; manufacturing SMEs are discussing their needs and expectations. The Fortissimo Forum will be concluded with a panel discussion about HPC cloud, adoption barriers for SMEs and solution concepts. More information and registration is available at the Fortissimo homepage

Pathfinder Workshop - 20 October 2014, Brussels - Save the Date

Europe’s need for productivity growth has become more pressing against both the low rate of economic growth and the international financial crisis that is clouding the outlook for all companies. Modern IT is a key factor for the future of manufacturing, where especially simulations and virtual reality will contribute to the creativity and innovative developments of complex products and processes. There is a vibrant link between ICT investment and industrial productivity: as reported by Oxford Economics and by a recent study of the Lisbon Council, the impact of information and communication technology is of paramount importance since an investment in such sector generates a bigger return to productivity growth than most other forms of capital investment. Read more.

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