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EuRoC Open Calls are open!

EuRoC aims at sharpening the focus of European manufacturing through a number of application experiments, while adopting an innovative approach which ensures comparative performance evaluation. In the framework of EuRoC, three industry-relevant challenges are launched.
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First Road4FAME Expert Workshop concluded successfully

Road4FAME is developing a research and innovation roadmap for future architectures and services, aligned with the specific needs of manufacturing businesses. In order to support the preparation of the roadmap, 22 members of the Road4FAME Experts Group from industry and academia from across Europe came together on March 6, 2014 in Brussels for a full-day expert workshop. More information.

Fortissimo: 2nd Wave of Experiments Selected

The response to the Fortissimo Open Call, which closed on January 2nd 2014, went well beyond the project’s expectations with 65 proposals received, involving participants from 14 European countries, and the funding requested for of high-quality proposals greatly exceeding the total funding of 5 M€ available for the call. More information

Pathfinder: Workshop Concept for Advisory Board Meeting is finalised!

The Pathfinder project aims to set out a roadmap to increase knowledge and awareness of, and determine the future use and impact of, simulation and forecasting technologies in manufacturing. The first Pathfinder meeting in 2014 resulted in the approval of further Pathfinder road mapping activities.Find here more information.

Discover the "Experiment of the Month" of Cloudflow

Experiment: CAD on the Cloud
The objective of this experiment is to address how the functionality of a client-installed CAD system can be augmented and supplemented by special functionalities run as services in the Cloud. The approach will be tested in this experiment by adding functionalities run as Cloud services to a traditional CAD system.
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LASHARE Steering Committee to approve initialisation reports in Amsterdam

LASHARE conducts 14 assessments on laser-based equipment in which some technology demonstrated at laboratory level is advanced towards a prototype with technology readiness level (TRL) seven or eight. In the first phase of the Laser-based Equipment Assessments (LEAs), aims and requirements of the supplier and users are agreed in order to decide about activities which are required to advance in TRL. The results of this phase are filed as initialisation reports which are reviewed by the LASHARE Steering Committee. From 02.-03.04.2014, the members of the committee find together in a face to face meeting to discuss and approve the planning of the LEAs.

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