I4MS 2015: Enhancing Digital Transformation in Manufacturing SMEs

I4MS 2015: Enhancing Digital Transformation in Manufacturing SMEs

The ICT Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs (I4MS) initiative, which was launched by the European Commission in 2013, has successfully completed its second year. We would therefore like to invite you to learn about what has been achieved and the impact on participating SMEs. People from across Europe, spanning different sectors and technologies, are expected to attend, including representatives from industry, SMEs, institutions and the European Commission.

To date, I4MS has achieved over 80% industry participation. An initial participation of 80 SMEs has now grown to 150 as momentum continues to build. Success is also evident with SME participation in projects, leading to the adaptation of new technologies and approaches. I4MS phase two will take this success further through additional projects supported by a budget of approximately EUR 35 M.

At I4MS 2015, participating SMEs will present their experiences, and the results and impact achieved. They will explain how they have benefited and what the adaptation of innovative ICT has meant for their business. European support does not just exist at EU level.

Action at regional level, supported through programmes such as Smart Specialisation, presents a good opportunity to reach out to and involve the diverse landscape of European SMEs. At I4MS 2015, participants will be introduced to a new activity designed to achieve such outreach – digital innovation competence centres – and a look ahead at the next stage of I4MS.

I4MS is a EUR 77 M initiative of the 'Factories of the Future' partnership which is designed to support the adaptation of innovative ICT by SMEs. Through seven integrated projects in four key areas, I4MS brings manufacturing SMEs directly into research and innovation projects, introducing them to innovative technologies and supporting their take up.

This event will bring together high-level speakers from the European Commission and relevant industries, competence centres, and key players in European manufacturing to share ideas on topics related to the reindustrialisation of Europe and the key role played by SMEs.

The event programme will cover the main aspects of the initiative, the experience of the participating companies, and some of the experiments and applications developed under the initiative. SMEs will have the opportunity to interact with the main actors within the I4MS community and will be informed on how their company can benefit from the initiative.

We are looking forward to see you in Brussels, on 22nd of May.


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