Assembly of a Gripper for a Wall-mounting Robot

Description of the Experiment

Precizika Metal is a typical SME company that is evolving from being a component supplier to delivering full solutions. This implies an increasing need to deliver fully assembled products to clients. Due to the lack of qualified workforce (or at least being a challenge to find qualified workers) and due to a constant need to be more flexible but also more efficient, methods to automate the current assembly processes that are still performed manually have to be developed.

More sophisticated products are often difficult to assemble. One worker might do the assembly with high quality and at high speed, while the other workerÂ’s performance might be significantly lower. This experiment involves the assembly of a robot for the construction industry, which is being prototyped right now.

Automated assembly of a robot is a challenge. There are several levels of assembly and many opportunities for optimization. We have chosen a robot gripper assembly as a representative part that needs to be assembled by the ReconCell system..

The gripper consists of many parts and since it is a machine, its precise assembly is very important. This implies a number of assembly processes, which the ReconCell assembly system should be able to handle, including

  • placing the basic component in a fixture,
  • adding and attaching various components with the required force to place them on the basic component,
  • inserting screws.

Main Objectives of the Experiment

The amount of robots to be produced per year is expected to be between 500-1000 pieces. The production will start in smaller quantities and then be scaled up.

The main objective of the experiment is to show that the ReconCell system can be used to assemble robot grippers and that it is able to deal with

  • Small/medium size batches
  • Variations in gripper design
  • High accuracy of assembly

Expected Results

In this experiment we will develop an automated gripper assembly process for the ReconCell system. The goal is to assemble a robot gripper with a minimum of human intervention, with at least the same accuracy as a human worker, and with a short enough setup time so that the automated assembly becomes more profitable compared to doing the part assembly manually.