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The I4MS initiative targets to help SMEs and mid-caps in the manufacturing sector

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I4MS will be present in "Manufuture 2015" event hold in European Convention Centre of Luxembourg on 23 & 24 of November 2015

Manufuture 2015 is a Key European event directly focused on European manufacturing community. It expected to attract around 600 participants coming from diverse communities such as business leaders, researchers, innovators, policy makers, representatives of technology platforms and European Commission representatives. Around 50 recognized speakers will make interesting presentations based on the future development of European Industry. In this sense, Manufuture 2015 will be a great place for discussing about attractive manufacturing topics among the participants from different organisms and EU countries as well as to take advantage of the participation in the parallel sessions such as matchmaking, masterclasses or the visit to industrial sites.

I4MS shall participate in the cutting-edge ICT 2015 Event hold in Lisbon during 20th, 21st and 22nd of October

The ICT 2015 Conference will break all the records about participation. According to the last results, more than 7,400 participants have already registered in the Event. This means a high interest in European ICT research, innovation and policy as well as a great opportunity for knowing more about new tendencies in ICT domain in the near future. The conference will carry out in “Centro de Congressos de Lisboa” (Praça das Industrias 1300-307 Lisbon) for 20th, 21st and 22nd of October.

Experiments of the month

  • 417 Cloud-based Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation

    Konigsegg, ICON, CINECA and NTUA collaborate on completion of Experiment 417 for WP4. The experiments are focused in the use of accurate but very computer intensive transient detached eddy simulation solvers for Drag and Lift prediction of supercars. After the start of collaboration a question has emerged after the initial results.

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  • A ship in the Cloud

    The market of modeling & simulation is growing very fast. Moreover projects are becoming bigger and bigger and involve a very broad range of companies: engineering contractors, certification companies, operators, client company. The development of these projects is more complex as it used to be and the simulation is an efficient tool to limit growth of spending by reducing the duration of the design phase and improving the quality of the tests made in the development phase.

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  • Advances in the INTEFIX Case Study 2.2 and 2.3

    INTEFIX unveils new developments in clamping of thin-walled curved workpieces and distortions in aeronautical structural parts. Case study 2.2 deals with the reduction of deformation of the thin-walled aerospace whereas case study 2.3 focuses on the development of intelligent fixtures which can be applied to a wide range of aeronautical structural parts.

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  • CAM on the Cloud

    The focus of this experiment is to generate the tool path for the production of a blade system already defined in a CAD system. After reading the CAD geometry, the strategy for machining and producing the part has to be selected. Based on the chosen methodology, the tool path for an NC machine is computed.

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