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Pathfinder publishes best practices on simulation & forecasting technology in automotive sector, chemical industry and much more

During the project, Pathfinder will establish the current situation regarding state of the art simulation and forecasting technologies. From this Pathfinder will create a roadmap for the manufacturing industry to highlight the research priorities so that the next generation of these technologies can hopefully come to fruition, leading to an increase in Europe's competitiveness across the globe.

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Great success of the first I4MS European Event

After completing the initial year, I4MS has hosted its first public international event on 18th June in Berlin, in cooperation with the launch of the German manufacturing programme, “Autonomik für Industrie 4.0". I4MS has brought together more than 150 professionals from industry and innovation.

Click here to see the presentations, the videos and the pictures of the event.

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19 Oct

Open calls

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Cloud Flow Open Call - Webinar


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Experiments of the month

  • 417 Cloud-based Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation

    Konigsegg, ICON, CINECA and NTUA collaborate on completion of Experiment 417 for WP4. The experiments are focused in the use of accurate but very computer intensive transient detached eddy simulation solvers for Drag and Lift prediction of supercars. After the start of collaboration a question has emerged after the initial results.

  • A ship in the Cloud

    The market of modeling & simulation is growing very fast. Moreover projects are becoming bigger and bigger and involve a very broad range of companies: engineering contractors, certification companies, operators, client company. The development of these projects is more complex as it used to be and the simulation is an efficient tool to limit growth of spending by reducing the duration of the design phase and improving the quality of the tests made in the development phase.

  • Advances in the INTEFIX Case Study 2.2 and 2.3

    INTEFIX unveils new developments in clamping of thin-walled curved workpieces and distortions in aeronautical structural parts. Case study 2.2 deals with the reduction of deformation of the thin-walled aerospace whereas case study 2.3 focuses on the development of intelligent fixtures which can be applied to a wide range of aeronautical structural parts.

  • CAM on the Cloud

    The focus of this experiment is to generate the tool path for the production of a blade system already defined in a CAD system. After reading the CAD geometry, the strategy for machining and producing the part has to be selected. Based on the chosen methodology, the tool path for an NC machine is computed.

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Cloudflow 1st open call webinar, 1st of september 11:00 CET

Computational Cloud Services and Workflows for Agile Engineering is a European Integrating Project (IP) in the framework of Factories of the Future (FoF) that aims at making Cloud infrastructures a practical solution for manufacturing industries, esp. small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). The objective of CloudFlow is to ease the access to computationally demanding virtual product development and simulation tools, such as CAD, CAM, CAE, and make their use more affordable by providing them as engineering Cloud services.

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Information Days on the Research PPPs on Factories of the Future, Energy-efficient Buildings, Green Vehicles and Sustainable Process Industry Brussels, 21 October 2014. Registration open

An Information Day on the Research PPPs will take place on 21 October 2014 in Brussels.

The aim of the event is to give the research community an overview of ongoing activities, and to support the preparation of proposals for the 2015 calls.

The info day will also offer plenty of opportunities for networking.

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10th Workshop on Laser Materials Processing- O Porriño (ES) 25 & 26 September 2014

The 10th workshop on Materials Processing with Laser Technology will take place on 25 & 26 September in O Porriño (Pontevedra), Spain.

Organised by AIMEN, member of the I4MS laser project "LASHARE", this international event will explore research, tendencies and success stories in the implementation of lasers in manufacturing.

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